Guardian ad Litem

Divorce produces anxiety for every family member, and in the case of a child custody dispute the tension in a family can be nearly intolerable for all concerned. With over 30 years experience as a Guardian ad Litem, Dr. Wolman makes sure that this difficult process is as humane and focused on the well-being of the children as possible.

Parenting Coordinator

In some cases, both before and after divorce, a Parenting Coordinator can be useful for preserving the co-parenting so necessary for the children’s well being. As a Parent Coordinator, Dr. Wolman will, as the situation requires, function as a mediator, coach, educator, short-term therapist in a crisis and finally, if the parents cannot come to agreement on an issue, as an umpire or arbitrator making the call. In many cases, the role of parenting Coordinator has helped families to become “unstuck” and able to resume their roles and responsibilities as parents.


Dr. Wolman is also a certified mediator, working with families involved in divorce, business partners struggling to resolve thorny issues and families in which (sadly) one family member is suing another. Dr. Wolman not only functions as a mediator, but he has been part of the faculty for the family law mediation training at the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education trainings as well as the family law mediation training sponsored by the American Bar Association.

Trial Preparation

As an Affiliate of Boston Law Collaborative, a multi-disciplinary practice, Dr. Wolman often helps with witness trial preparation and also consults with the attorneys about the psychodynamics of the more difficult cases.

Collaborative Law Coaching

The Collaborative Law movement in Massachusetts has accepted the requirement that every case will include, besides the parties and their attorneys, a mental health professional to serve as a neutral process coach. In this capacity, Dr. Wolman helps maintain a useful flow of information to achieve a fair and acceptable settlement. By keeping an eye on the emotional tone of the conversation and also understanding the sensitivities and vulnerability of the parties (and attorneys) the neutral coach has become an invaluable asset to the process.